5500 visitors on board

The Exhibition was held on Peace Boat (Ocean Dream) at Nagoya Port on 20th and at Kobe on 22th. Approx. 2500 visitors were on board at Nagoya port and more than 3000 people has visited the Peace Boat and on board Exhibition at Kobe Port.

The main purpose of visitors is to visit Peace Boat, to inspect ship itself and get information about Peace Boat cruise, but most of them has visited the 9th floor, “Bar Namihey”, and had chance to see our on board Exhibition.

Many thanks for all the great support of JAPAN GRACE CO., LTD., PEACE BOAT, Mr. Yukichi Takada and of course Project Sunshine for Japan Committee Osaka!

Peace Boat at Kobe port

Peace Boat at Kobe port

Entrance of the vessel

Onboard exhibition-3 Onboard exhibition-1 Onboard exhibition-2