Sunshine for Japan – Japanese Matinee
at the Book Fair Frankfurt

Following the motto “Your colours can brighten the land of the rising sun again!” we started the “Project Sunshine for Japan” after the devastating triple disaster in Japan in March 2011. We will display the project at the world’s largest book fair on October 13th, 2013 – as a Japanese matinee in Book Fair FrankfurtAsia Lounge, 6.1 D15 in Frankfurt.

It is a worldwide campaign in the form of a poster competition in support of the survivors of the disaster in Fukushima. Around 400 international designers from 40 countries participated in the competition. The response and the quality of the works were overwhelming. A jury of renowned personalities selected the 100 best posters and amongst them, 6 posters received recognition and awards. Sponsors supported the presence of the posters in the form of several exhibitions. The exhibition was held in the following locations: … the University of Applied Science Dusseldorf, Trade Fair Tokyo, the Japanese Cultural Institute in Cologne, … the ATC Gallery in Osaka, on the Peace Boat in Nagoya and Kobe Ports with over 5000 visitors, and the “Global Conference for a Nuclear Power Free World 2” in Tokyo, Kulturort Depot (Cultural Centre Depot) Dortmund, “House of Artists” in Teheran with over 1500 visitors and the ”Vesal e Shiraz in Souratgar Gallery” in Shiraz.

The purpose of this exhibition is to provide cross-cultural understanding. The participation of various artists and designers from many cultures show.. the different ways of dealing with disasters of this kind, which is very impressive. It enables a worldwide cultural exchange ….as well as the formation of an international network of young creative people and established creative directors and corporations.

On Sunday, October 13th, 2013, from 11am, some selected posters of “Project Sunshine for Japan” will be inaugurated with an exciting musical and literary Sunday’s performance at the world’s largest book fair in Hall 6 in Frankfurt. The exclusive cultural event will be in the presence of some designers, writers and curators of the project involved as Japanese matinee with a book signing. Prominent guests are expected. (Requested)

The catalogue published in March 2013 presents the award-winning posters for the first time in the form of a comprehensive publication and supplements them with numerous literary articles by international authors -from 15 countries in 13 languages- dealing with the three-fold disaster in various ways. The texts are by Yuri Andrukhovych (Ukraine), Kevin Chen (Taiwan), Mustafa Ijaz (Turkey), Naemi Reymann (Germany), Ryuichi Sakamoto (Japan), Gert Scobel (Germany), Günter Grass (Germany), Izumi Yamaguchi (Japan), Rui Zink (Portugal), and more. The book cover is designed by Uwe Loesch.

Sunshine for Japan – Japanese Matinee

International cultural event with artistic and musical representation
Mansoureh Rahnama

Literature & Non-Fiction, Music, Design

Type of event:
Book presentation, origami workshop, musical reading

Sunday, October 13th, 2013
11am to 1pm

Asia Lounge, 6.1 D15
Book Fair Frankfurt
(Ausstellungs- und Messe GmbH
Frankfurter Buchmesse)
Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main

English / German

Book Fair Frankfurt

Publisher: Verlag Kettler
Project Sunshine for Japan
c: tive e.V.
MIYABI – Schönes aus Japan

Mansoureh Rahnama (Founder and Curator)
Naemi Reymann (Designer and writer)
Akiko Inagawa (Musician)
Sakura No Ki Daiko Frankfurt (Japanese Taiko Percussion) will be performed by:
Ljiljana Bulic
Claudia Arnold
Margarethe Wenninger
Manfred Ludanov
Origami-Workshop will feature the experience of:
Noriko Onodera
Hiroko Morikawa,
will be supported by the cultural department of Consulate General of Japan in Frankfurt
Further designers and authors involved in the project
Publisher: Verlag Kettler

Further Information about the presentation and workshop can be find on the website of the Book fair Frankfurt in English and German languages.

Further Information for the Press is available here.

Further Information:
Mansoureh Rahnama
Mobile phone number: +49 179 43 92 352