Project Sunshine for Japan
International Poster Exhibition OSAKA

Thanks to our Exhibition Executive Committee in Osaka we have presented the 100 posters and of the project Sunshine for Japan and the posters of our guests from September 9th to 19th at the  Creative Network Center Mebic Ogimachi in Osaka.

Keizo Matsui, Shinnoske Sugisaki, Satoshi Dono


Duncan Brotherton, Mansoureh Rahnama

The opening ceremony on Monday, 8th of September went very well. Thanks to all our supporting organizations we could once again display our posters in Japan with a lot of guests, designers, supporting organizations and some new comers. Shinnoske Sugisaki, the Jury Member of the Project Sunshine for Japan, opened the ceremony and invited Mansoureh Rahnama to hold a talk about how she started the project in Germany and which necessary steps she had to use to continue the project. The talk was in English and was translated into Japanese by Duncan Brotherton.

A round table with Shinji Nakagwa (Kyoto University), Robin Lewis (Peace Boat), Yasuhiro Takada (Japan Grace), Rie Yamanouchi (Artist from Tohoko)  rounded the evening with a panel discussion about various activities of artists and designers in the last few years due to the recovery of  the region after the disaster in Japan in  2011.

It was the first opening talk of the founder of the Project Sunshine for Japan with all the winners of the international poster competition from Kansai after three years’ hard work. The participating designers were Kaz Oomori, Toshio Kamitani, Toshiyasu Nanbu, Yuki Nishimura, and of course the special guests Takaharu Hara, Yoshimaru Takahashi, Yukichi Takada, Shinnoske Sugisaki and Keizo Matsui.

Back; from left to right: Duncan Brotherton, Shinnoske Sugisaki, Robin Lewis, Rie Yamanouchi, Shinji Nakagawa

Front; from left to right: Yukichi Takada, Mansoureh Rahnama, Yasuhiro Takada

Shinnoske Sugisaki present our publication

Reception party

Shinnoske Sugisaki, Yukichi Takada and the students of Osaka University of Art

The last word by the Founder of the project about the communication and design

Photos by Kenji Mori

Once again we thank all our supporting organizations who supported us to make it happen. Our thanks goes to the  Exhibition Executive Committee in Osaka, Creative Network Center Mebic Ogimachi, DAS Designers Association; JTA, Japan Typography Association; JAGDA, Graphic Designers Association, Osaka and Peace Boat, Disaster Volunteer Center.

Organizer: Project Sunshine for Japan, Exhibition Executive Committee OSAKA
Co-Organizer: Creative Network Center Mebic Ogimachi
Supported by DAS Designers Association; JTA, Japan Typography Association; JAGDA, Japan
Graphic Designers Association, Osaka
Cooperation; Peace Boat, Disaster Volunteer Center