We are a group of artists, graphic designers and art connoisseurs, who are looking forward to organize an international poster exhibition, in association with some internationally organizations of repute. The goal of this exhibition is to offer Japan a hand of support so that the nation can recover from the aftermath of the triple disaster. For this, we wish to invite artists, painters, graphic designers etc. for their contribution on the issue of the recent tragic events in Japan.

The Founder and Curator

Mansoureh Rahnama received her bachelor degree in public management from the Azad University of Tehran, Iran, Visual Art at a private Art Academy. She has also studied business administration and gained an M.A from the Technical University of Dortmund, Germany.

She has worked as a freelance journalist over the last years and is publishing articles for different magazines and newspapers. Her articles and media prodution appear in „Media and Logistik”, ”Aviation word”, “D+C Development and Cooperation”, “Digital Development Debates”, “LABKULTUR”, “WDR” etc. Besides, she regularly offers seminars at the universities and assists companies from creative economy as well as artists with market entry projects in different countries.

Currently, she is working in the digital media economy as a Creative Industries Management Consultant, Campaign Manager, mentor and speaker with various companies and has earned wide support and appreciation while working for the “Project Sunshine for Japan” which uses the social media networking as a pivotal virtual platform to communicate and produce digital media.

International jury members:

Pamela Campagna + Thomas A. Scheiderbauer – graphic designers and the founders of L – a b l e, an art- and design studio – based in Polignano a Mare in the south of Italy – which works internationally on cultural and social matters. (Italy)
Holger Jacobs
– Founder and Director at Mind Design London and visiting Professor at University for Applied Sciences Düsseldorf (Great Britain)
Wilfried Korfmacher – Professor at the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf, diploma in Design and Psychology, member of ADC (Germany)
Uwe Loesch – leading international poster designer, member of the Alliance Graphique Interantionale, 1990-2008 Professor for communication design at the University of Wuppertal. (Germany)
Luba Lukova – artist and designer, regarded as one of the most distinctive image-makers working today (USA)
John Moore – Creative director at many international advertising agencies – Leo Burnett and J. W. Thomson, and winner of three Latin American Biennials of typography “Tipos Latinos” (Venezuela)
Woody Pirtle – was an equity partner at Pentagram New York for 18 years, member of the Alliance Graphique Interantionale (USA)
Christopher Scott –  Award winning internationally recognised poster designer. He has had his posters all over the world. (Ireland)
Shinoske Sugisaki – Professor at Osaka University of Arts, Creative Director of Shinoske Design and member of the Alliance Graphique Interantionale. (Japan)