• One completed entry form in English, for each submission / poster
  • Photo of the artist

Specifications for the poster:
Please send your poster strictly with the following specifications: (We need two sizes!)

  • File type: JPEG                                                           
  • Size : A0 | 841 x 1189 mm
  • Size : A1 | 594 x 841 mm
  • Resolution: 600 DPIs
  • Format: CMYK
  •  In addition, please also send a PDF version of your work / poster.

Please note:

  • All the personal information stated above will be solely used for the purpose of application calling for entries into the international poster exhibition.
  • All your submission / posters, as well as the other entries into the exhibition will be uploaded onto the Facebook page of ‘Project sunshine for Japan’
  • For more information as well as updates, please visit us at
  • Send your poster submissions to
  • If your file size is large you can send it for free, via

Publishing a book:
We are also planning to publish a book. Further on each participant will receive a copy of this book, as soon as we have enough means to pay the expenses of the print and delivery. At the moment we are in the planning process for this aspect.

Copy right:
With the submission of their posters, the participants sign the entry form and give us the right for their submitted work and declare that we are allowed to use their work for our Exhibition and for the sale of 4 copies of a limited edition from the 94 submitted posters and 2 copies from the limited edition of the premium posters. The profit from the sale of these posters is intended for the cause of raising the money to make donation for the people in the disaster regions.

Please note that, the designers will retain full ownership and copyright of their submissions. Once the work is submitted, the entry and the decision to let the work to be used for the exhibition is irrevocable and the ‘Project Sunshine for Japan’ exercises a right which is perpetual, transferable, royalty-free, non-exclusive, worldwide license to use, exhibit, publicly display, copy and distribute their submitted work (posters and designs) in any desirable form and for any cause or activity in the light of or connected to ‘Project Sunshine for Japan’ exhibition and its related activities. These activates may be, but are by no means restricted to, cultural and arts promotional activities, socially inspired causes, educational activities or material, fundraising exhibitions and campaigns.

The further use of the submitted designs outside the sphere of ‘Project Sunshine for Japan’ and its related activities must be acknowledged and approved by the respective artist /author in a written form, and can be subject to a fee or a royalty, as agreed between the artist and the organization.

Henceforth the artists/designers are completely guaranteed the right to be credited for their work every time, their work/entry is published or displayed.

We gladly extend our whole hearted thankfulness and appreciation for your contribution to the international poster exhibition.
Yours sincerely | The project sunshine for Japan Committee