Project Sunshine for Japan on Peace Boat

Project Sunshine for Japan is on board. This time our exhibition will be shown on the cruiser ship Ocean Dreams, the boat called Peace. The greatest voyage with the largest presentation of environmental and humanitarian activities. Our Posters will also be part of the exhibit.

Thanks to Project Sunshine for Japan, Osaka Committee, our Posters will be presented on the Peace Boat with support provided by the Japan Grace Co., Ltd., in the context of the Peace Boat’s relief activities for the March 11th, 2011 disaster in Ishinomaki* and its environs. A big part of our selected posters and some guest posters will be shown on board during the November 20th at Nagoya Port and November 22th at Kobe Port, which expects thousands of people.

Photo credit: Peace Boat

The cruise will be between two great ports Nagoya and Kobe.

Nagoya port is located in Ise Bay, the largest and busiest trading port in Japan. The bay located at the mouth of the Kiso Three Rivers between Mie and Aichi Prefectures in Japan.

::Exhibition in Nagoya::
November 20th, 2012
10 am – 4 pm
At Bar ‘Namihey’ 9th floor
Ocean Dream in Nagoya port

Photo credit: Nagoya Port

The Kobe Port is a Japanese maritime port in Kobe, Hyōgo in the greater Osaka area.

::Exhibition in Kobe::
November 22th, 2012
10 am – 4 pm
At Bar ‘Namihey’ 9th floor
Ocean Dream in Kobe port

Photo credit: Kobe Port

The map is provided by H&C Shipping, Co.,Ltd.

Peace Boat continues its relief work for the survivors of the great earthquake and tsunami affected areas of Ishinomaki in Miyagi, primarily in the areas of social recovery at temporary housing, economic recovery in the area of the fishing industry, as well as community regeneration through their community center called Peace Boat Center Ishinomaki. Their support will be continued and assistance to those who seek assistance, always ensuring to meet the needs of local communities. All activities from last 1.5 years since the disaster can be found at: PEACE BOAT’S RELIEF

Peace Boat’s mission is to facilitate, at a grass-roots level, interactions between different communities all around the world by creating a neutral space beyond borders, bringing people of different nationalities, religions, and ethnicity together, to discuss, understand, and jointly take action on issues of peace, human rights, and sustainable development. This is very much reflected in our relief activity in Tohoku region also.

*The city of Ishinomaki was among the most seriously affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. The tsunamis waves where up to 10 meters high and traveled inland up to 5 kilometres from the coast and destroyed around 80% of the 700 houses in the coastal whaling port of Ayukawa, and the Kadonowaki neighbourhood. Approximately 46% of the city was inundated by the tsunami. One of the saddest disasters in this region was the complete destructions of the Okawa Elementary School, 70 of 108 students and nine of 13 teachers and staff were killed through the unforgettable tsunami and earthquake. (see Wikipedia)

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